How to encourage your kids to eat healthy food

Creating an environment where your kids can make healthy nutritional choices is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the health of your child.
To develop a supporting environment, you and your family need to develop a positive relationship with healthy food.
While as parents, we are caught up with many commitments and are often guilty of giving up, it is important to note that the earlier good eating habits are formed, the better it is.

Here are the things you can do to promote healthy eating habits in your child:

  • Eating together as a Family
    Ensure mealtime is the pleasant time of the day. Where the entire family is enjoying the same meal. Negative comments on food choice often lead to the child to reject food. Mealtime can also be TV time but family bonding as the child develops a healthy relationship with food.
  • Avoid restrictions on food and give them a variety
    This will only lead to increased anxiety in the child to try the restricted food. This may lead to developing eating disorders namely anorexia or bulimia. Instead, introduce them to various season & regional fruits and vegetable to bring variety in the meal and avoid junk and processed foods. Introducing a variety of home cooked food to your child will keep him/her restricted to eat food at home and avoid demanding food from outside.
  • Keep healthy snacks accessible
    Your kids will eat what is available. Therefore, it is advisable to stack numerable food items so that your child choose from them. Have one of them for your own – “Action speaks louder than words.”
  • Don’t use food as a reward
    This may lead to become a problem in later life. Instead reward your child with something fun and useable, for instance, a trip to park or a short family outing.
  • Consult your paediatrician
    Always consult with your child’s doctor n regular interval to under about their proper growth and development. And seek for instance help if you need any. Understand if your child is allergic or sensitive to any food and find healthy alternatives for the same.
  • Be a role model
    Your child is constantly looking at you and learning things from you. Develop health habits such as eating the right food at the right time. Avoid binging on unhealthy snacks at any time of the day. Set example for your child to learn from you they are grasping both good and bad habits from you. It is also a good practice to involve your child in selecting their meal or asking them their choice or preferences.

In addition, it is not just about eating right but eating in the right proportion is equally important. Good food with enough physical activity will help you keep your child healthy and fit.
Parents should create an environment where your child is motivated to make healthy nutritional choices, which is also one of the most important steps you can take to ensure the good health of your child.

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