6 Qualities of a Good PreSchool

Do you know the fact that various scientific studies have proven?

“From birth till the age of 5 years, a child’s mind develops more and more rapidly than at any other time in life” & 90% of the human brain develops by the age of 5-6 years;” refers another study.

We mentioned the output of these scientific studies because we want to make you aware that you should be fully conscious while finalising the first schooling experience for your kid. So, always visit the campus and request for a demo while finalizing the playschool and do check all the required facilities, offerings etc.

  1. The largest Play area is one of the key offerings of Global Wisdom School. With more than 3500 Sq. ft. carpet area we accommodate all the necessities under one room. Gym for kids with elegant view & full natural air circulation makes it more compelling kindergarten.
  2. Teacher-Student Ratio strictly adheres to the global standards so that teachers can facilitate each child up to their full potential on the other hand students will also blossom with the right guidance. An easily manageable number of kids in every class is the primary requirement for quality education and GWS academic structure is designed in the same way.
  3. Dedicated & Creative Staff is our asset and valuable factor. They can do anything to everything with quite Passion & Enthusiasm.
  4. Kids-friendly & Comforting environment is required for an overall developmental approach. Kids below 5 years need special care and attention in order to develop physical, mental & psychological abilities. At GWS the whole aura is shaped in the required manner.
  5. Real-time learning is the core element of a finely tuned teaching methodology. That says kids can learn new things and abilities only by practising them individually like role-playing, storytelling, small & interactive activities, dance, singing, art, gaming, quizzes and competitions etc. All these things boost curiosity in the little ones.
  6. High Safety standards are extremely important as far as kids preschool, nursery and kindergarten are concerned. At GWS, we have covered all the floorings with the cushioned mattress so that while in the mood to play of accidentally whenever any kids fell, they will be unharmed. Apart from all these amenities, the play area is also is precisely set to maintain a safe environment for interruption-free joyful ambience.

Global Wisdom School with the campus at Pimple gurav & Amanora is one of the emerging Preschool & Kids daycare centre in Pune. Contact us to schedule a demo now at admissions@globalwisdomschool.in | +91 – 90117 90009

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